We live in a great community in Central Florida where there are amazing opportunities for learning and growth.  Over the next few weekends, you can find new ways to care for yourself by attending one of these workshops listed below:

My dear friend and colleague, life coach  Lezlie Laws, founder of LifeArt Studio, is teaching her Foundational Practices workshop on Sat Mar 19— sign up NOW to grab your spot.  She taught us these on the Yoga retreat in Nicaragua last week.  While you won’t hear the ocean waves while she teaches this time, you will learn incredible things about how to help you life FLOURISH. 🙂 I highly recommend all my clients (and referral sources) take advantage of this super-affordable workshop offered by a great teacher and coach.

Here is how Lezlie decribes the workshop:

Foundational Practices for Joy and Creativity

“Your lifestyle is not your goal. Your lifestyle is how you achieve your goals.”

I believe it is vital to establish a set of foundational practices upon which you build a life that is happy, productive, and creative. In fact, I believe such practices are so vital that I make this workshop a pre-requisite of coaching here at LifeArt Studio.

What are the daily practices you perform that assure you’ll have a happy, productive, creative, or beneficial day? I’m talking about actual habits or routines or practices that ground you, focus you, establish a positive mindset, and direct your energy. Activities that enhance everything do, every encounter you experience, every thought and effort you put into the world.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the value of establishing 3-5 foundational practices to enhance your life and ramp up your creativity. You’ll create your own list of practices and make a commitment to instituting them into your daily routine for at least 30 days.

Saturday March 19, 2016, 1:00p-4:30pm– > $15 (WHAT A DEAL!)

Walden Community School, 4595 Howell Branch Rd, WP 32792

for tickets click here

And this next lovely offering is happening NEXT Saturday in Oviedo-a workshop on Self-Compassion. I have heard from another colleague that this is worth attending! Offered by Marie Dauterive,  Connecting Within- Holistic Counseling & Expressive Arts Therapy

Self Compassion 2 –  A Revisit on Self Love 

What is Self Compassion? Why don’t I always love myself? Where did these messages come from?

Join our community for some meditation, painting and exploration on self compassion, as we continue to fall in love with all parts of ourselves.

Sunday, March 13,  1:00- 5:00 –> $65
The Serenity Center
2040 Winter Springs Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765

 For tickets please contact Marie Dauterive via email Mrd@mariedauterive.net or call 407-451-4520

 Taking time for yourself can feel like a rare treat– and it can benefit you SO MUCH. These workshops are great opportunities for self-care.
May peace be with you! Namaste.

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