Act Great- HafizThrough the practice of breathing slowly, we calm our bodies and minds and can have peace. This is what I had to do early Monday morning, as I was waking up. You see, I am taking off for one week starting on Friday Feb 19 (and returning to work Feb 29)  to a Design-Your-Life Superfood Yoga retreat in Nicaragua.  So when I woke up this was on my mind… and I did NOT feel peaceful.  So I began to breathe slowly….

I knew that even though I felt jittery inside (and my mind was racing from one thing to another because there is a LOT to do before I leave on Friday) that I would feel better if I stayed committed to my practice. I actually did some EFT/tapping before I even got out of bed.  I then said my morning prayers and began my morning reading and meditation time.

You see, being alive in this world means we will be impacted by what is happening in and around us.  Thoughts and feelings can flood us and threaten to take away our peace.  But I want peace in my and even in a storm- don’t you?

I am aiming to practice what Pema Chondron tells us “Always maintain only a joyful mind.”

I’m excited for this trip. I will be practicing yoga and meditation daily and enjoying great beauty in the outdoors.  In Nicaragua, my wonderful colleague Lezlie Laws will be teaching some each day on her LifeArt protocol for creative living. I love her workshops.  I know this will rejuvenate me and help me better serve you. (and if you want to catch her next Foundational Practices workshop in Winter Park, click here.)

If you would like to make an appointment with me when I return, please make a note to call me on Monday Feb 29, 2016- I will be happy to hear from you!

Until then, Act great, my dear, always act great.


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