We all want it: a sure fire way to feel better. A quick way to feel calmer, at ease, peaceful, happy.  Sometimes, you feel calm or peaceful just because you woke up feeling at ease. Sometimes, more likely than not, you have to do something to help you feel that way.

What I know to be true is the more your nurture your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, the better you will feel.  To do this takes some intention, some energy and some action. It helps to have some discipline and some assistance, someone who will be a partner with you- doing the same thing, working on the same goal.

I’ve got something for you that will help with all of that. An online, easy-to-use program. All you have to do is sign up and read the emails I send you 3 times/week, for the next 6 + weeks (well, starting next week).  Even the simple act of reading something of spiritual focus can and will increase your sense of well-being and calm.  It’s the #1 thing I do to feel better, calmer and more peaceful. I start my day with good reading(s) of a spiritual nature.

Spiritual Workshop

A unique Lent Workshop combining Yoga, Buddhist and Christian teachings

This can be VERY SHORT- and I intend and plan for my emails in Not Your Mom’s Lent e-course to be just that- succinct, easy-to-use readings and reflections that can help you during this time of the year that many call Lent.

Why is Lent important to me and others?

Lent is a time to be even more spiritually focused. To find a better way of living. I work to understand myself so I can flourish, and offer myself in service to God, Love, family, friends and clients. I work to wake up – to not suffer.  And to be able to help reduce the suffering of others. So that we all can stay in touch with LOVE. With the Light within us. So we can live in JOY.

I am inviting you to join me this Lent, on a very ecumenical journey as I share resources and readings, links and resources that have touched my heart. I will be sharing teachings from Yoga, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, Christianity and more… In addition to the 3x/week emails (MWF) you will have access to a private Facebook group, a place where we can share insights from what we read, or share other resources or ideas to help encourage ourselves and each other during this journey.

I’m very excited to have this opportunity to share these things with you. I hope you will join me. I will share links like this one, a free loving-kindness meditation program that is happening online next Monday by Susan Piver, a wonderful meditation teacher.

May peace be with you.


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