Anxiety Treatment


Are you feeling anxious? Do you have fears and worries that you can’t shake?

Do you wake up feeling tense, not having slept well (again)?
Is your chest often tight or do you breathe shallow or does your throat feel constricted?
Do you feel rushed and overwhelmed with tasks before you? Or feel uncertain about being ok in the day?
Does a feeling of dread stick with you- like “when is the panic going to start?” or “if I go (to X place) will I have to leave because my anxiety is up?” or “How can I drive to/go to __x__ when I don’t know if I will become anxious on the way there and might get stuck or sick?”

Are you struggling with anxiety or low self-worth?

Do you hate how you cope with anxiety or stress?
Do you get down on yourself because of how you handle anxiety or stress?
Do you wonder if you can ever be free of these old beliefs or habits that make you feel less than worthy?
Have you wondered if anxiety treatment can help you?

Many people with anxiety feel this way.

  • They plan their day to avoid triggers/places/situations that might make their anxiety worse.
  • They don’t know why exactly some days they feel worse or some days they feel better.
  • They hate how their anxiety makes them sad or teary and feel like an emotional burden to their loved ones.

If you are sick of feeling anxious, sick of panic attacks, sick of not enjoying your life, then you have landed on the right page.

Be happy where you are!

Skilled anxiety counseling can help.

The truth is, anxiety treatment is much more effective than medication. Many people with anxiety symptoms or panic attacks are prescribed medications to alleviate anxiety. While pills might take anxiety away, it is only momentary. Pills leave you feeling tired, hung-over and out of it. And pills don’t actually stop debilitating anxiety from recurring.

I know techniques to fix anxiety on the spot! Without medication. It’s true- this IS possible. If you have anxiety, you will learn these easy-to-use techniques that will help you feel more at ease in the very first session.

Even if you doubt that your anxiety can change, I invite you to call me. I have had many clients who didn’t think they could ever feel calm without taking their little Klonipin or Xanax pills, and who were very surprised to find they didn’t need them after coming in for anxiety treatment with me.

It is truly a freeing feeling, to shift from fear into calm and learn how to feel at ease. My clients are very happy to find there are new and different things they can do to reduce anxiety and distress and to increase feelings of well-being and happiness. You, like my clients, will be able to acquire new skills, like Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as “Tapping”) for caring for your emotions and be able to incorporate these tools into your daily life. It gives me great pleasure and joy to see this happen.

Call me today at 407-252-8035 or use this form to schedule your first appointment to get you on the road to wellness.

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