In just a few weeks, I am re-offering my popular EFT-Tapping workshop, Tapping Away the Inner Critic: Using EFT to Energize Creativity. I did this workshop with Lezlie Laws, founder of LifeArt Studio, back in March.  We had a great time teaching  and practicing EFT with participants and now we are offering the workshop again, on the eve of the summer solstice, Sat June 20, 2015.  That makes sense to me– this is a time to embrace creativity!

Become aware of your thoughts - they impact how you feel.

Become aware of your thoughts – they impact how you feel.

So, what happens at the workshop? Well, you get to learn how we all develop that inner critical voice, and what can be done to quiet it with EFT- Tapping.  This gentle technique is easy to learn and we will get lots of practice in the day long-session. Imagine 5+ therapy/coaching sessions for the price of one! That is the bargain of the year! Sign up register for workshop here.

Here’s what will happen in the workshop:

  • Let go of negative thoughts/ beliefs / stories about yourself
  • Learn how to focus your energy in the direction you want to go
  • Increase your confidence to explore your unique LifeArt

I’m so happy to be co-presenting with Lezlie- a lifetime professor, yoga teacher, writer, and life coach. Come see why her workshops are so awesome!


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