Your higher self - she's in there!

Your higher self – she’s in there!

“Free yourself from mental slavery.” It fits right in with a great post by one of my favorite writers, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of one of my fav books of all time-> Eat, Pray Love.  She wrote about the importance of choosing your thoughts.  For most of us, much of the time, it seems like thoughts choose us.  Like they are running the show.  Like we have no power over them. That’s when we feel enslaved by our thoughts.  And that’s not good.

But here’s the truth: you can be in control of your thoughts.  It can happen— it just takes practice.  (Ok, sometimes a LOT of practice.)  It means slowing yourself down to notice what you are both feeling and thinking, hopefully before you are taking action.  You know how sometimes you regret things you have said or done? (Yeah, it happens to me too)—wouldn’t that be great if that could change?

Spiritual practice, therapy, self-care, self-compassion, recovery ­— all these are pathways to taking leadership over your own fragmented, crazy-ass self. Some older, wiser, calmer part of your soul must eventually step forward with compassion and dignity and say, “OK, guys, the grown-up has arrived now. And we’re not doing things this way anymore, because it benefits nobody.”   – Elizabeth Gilbert

When you are sick of doing things the same old way, and getting the same old result, it is time to change things up. As Elizabeth suggests, it’s time to get control over yourself! I know, from my own experience, that using mindfulness skills and yoga have changed my old habit patterns. They have helped me be more choosey with my thoughts and actions.  And EFT/tapping has helped me too.  And I have seen it help MANY of my clients.

When you are upset with yourself or a situation, your brain can be churning up all kinds of negative thoughts. Tapping can be a way to alleviate the negativity and calm your brain so you can THINK clearly—what Elizabeth was referring to as “the grown-up has arrived”. EFT/Tapping literally helps your reactive, fight-or-flight amygdala simmer down. It is a form of mindfulness to use the skills of tapping to settle down reactions so then you CAN think of how you want to be and what exactly you want to do.  It can help you be choosey.  Bob Marley was right, “no one but ourselves can free our minds.”

I’ve counseled and coached hundreds of people in using mindfulness and EFT/Tapping.  I’m deepening my skills in these techniques because they are SO effective.  If you want to learn more, please let me know. You can also learn more about tapping at the Tapping Solution website or at EFT Universe. Thank you for taking the time to read this today and remember, choose wisely!

Namaste – hb

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