You don’t have to delay your joy. There is no reason you and your desires have to be last on your list (geesh, why are womxn trained to be that way?!). In fact, if you are last on your list, you are wayyyyy more susceptible to burnout! The only solution –> You gotta put your oxygen mask first…. you! You can. It will save you!  How you ask? GO ON A VIRTUAL RETREAT 🙂

(Yes, I was yelling that kinda loudly. But kindly.) You can go on a virtual retreat– with me! I teach them and have rave reviews from past participants. Folx just like you who felt burned out, emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed. These womxn signed up and made room in their lives to attend the retreat, and LOVED IT.

The Joy Is My Compass retreat was transformative was for them in such a short time. Just 6 weeks.

Here’s a peek into some of what’s happened for them:
💖 Yvon is feeling lighter in her body, more freedom to follow her joy each day. She has new ideas for her coaching practice!
💖 Erica & Ashlyn have been feeling more emotionally balanced even though they’ve had stressful weeks. The retreat gave them a safe place to unwind and get support. It made a huge difference for them to not feel alone.
💖 Lisa’s felt less scared as she trusts her intuition more.
💖 Katie has a whole new outlook on her gifts and how to use them. Her new morning practice helps her feel steady and grounded as she starts her day. She’s feeling empowered like never before. She’s starting a whole new business in fact!

They loved the experience so much, they didn’t want the group to end, it’s been that life changing for them! (So it won’t— we started a “grad group” called Joy Calibration!)

So here’s what I want to ask you:

👉🏼 Has your life transformed in the last six weeks?
👉🏿 Did you even know it could transform in that short amount of time?
👉🏽 Do you wish you’d been on this virtual retreat with us??

🙌🏿 Being able to tell the difference between intuition and fear, and how to respond instead of be reactive
🙌🏾 Making peace with old $hit from the past that’s been weighing down your heart
🙌🏼 Following your desires to have more joy in your life

What if you said YES to making a change, to deciding to take steps to let go of fear & move toward love? To embody peace in your mind & body, and even to feel more joy?

The womxn in this group said YES to that desire.

I believe YOU have the power to step into this experience

🧭  Let yourself imagine how good you’d feel by taking a virtual retreat like this.
🧭  YOUR willingness to say YES, to your desire to change, IS the beginning to having the life you want.
🧭  Say YES by calling me today at 407-252-8035 or emailing me at to sign up for this virtual retreat-– our next round starts Mon May 24! If you have any questions, please call and we can talk. I truly want to support your emotional well-being and joy possibilities — they are YOURS for a reason!


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