I fell in love with this easy tool for positive change in 2007. It was May 2007, but emotionally I felt like it was 1995. I was grieving. You see, back in 1995, my childhood best friend, Susan, died when we were both only 30 years old.

There I was, in 2007, facing an upcoming anniversary of Susan’s death, and realized that even though she had passed away in 1995, I was still grieving the loss. I felt the same sorrow that had been there for over a decade. I revealed my feelings while in a workshop to learn EFT- Tapping. The therapist/teacher (Ruth Stern, LMHC) asked if anyone in the audience had an emotional issue that was distressing them. I still had feelings of loss and sorrow that weighed me down.  I volunteered to “work” with Ruth in front of the audience of therapists at the workshop.

As I sat with Ruth, feeling awkward and nervous, and feeling my sadness creep in, I also paid attention to her instructions on how to begin Tapping. First, she asked me how big my sorrow was on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the highest. Sitting here right now, I don’t recall right now how big it was, but I am guessing it was over a 7. I recall I felt shakey and teary as I got in touch with my feelings. Ruth asked me where I felt the sadness in my body and she asked to share my feelings or thoughts about what we would begin to tap on. Then she led me through the tapping points, using my words and phrases….”Even though I still feel deep sadness over Susan’s death, I am also right here, and I love and accept myself.”

tapping points

I tapped on the side of my hand, copying Ruth as she tapped on hers, and I repeated the phrases 3x. Then Ruth led me through the tapping points on the face and body, while acknowledging my thoughts & feelings.  We did this for maybe 5-6 rounds (so about 5-6 minutes) — and I was amazed– I began to feel the sorrow soften and lift. I began to feel more at ease. My sadness dissipated and my feelings of love and appreciation for Susan felt stronger than they had in years.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is also known as Tapping, because the mechanism of action we take is to tap on energy meridian endpoints on different spots on the face and body. EFT is based on acupuncture and is an energy medicine technique that can calm the nervous system in just minutes. (For all my skeptics in the audience, please go here to read the research behind Tapping).

I have taken extensive EFT training since that first workshop with Ruth and I use it every day in my counseling practice. I have seen EFT stop a panic attack in just a few minutes. EFT has helped my clients resolve trauma, fears, sorrows, anger, pain, anxiety, and more. It’s an easy to use tool that helps people have positive change.  EFT can be used a performance enhancement tool and a way to help you calm your reactions so you have healthier relationships. I actually think it is one of the best mindfulness self-compassion tools that we can use.

This week we have the opportunity to take part in the FREE online World Tapping Summit- offered by The Tapping Solution. Each day there are 3 free talks/tappings and if you want you can purchase the whole summit to have forever. I have tuned in many years and purchased them occasionally. This year I purchased the whole package because the content is so amazing, I want to have access to it and re-listen again and again.

This is how EFT can benefit us– tapping on anything that seems to cause us distress. EFT simply eliminates the trigger so we can more easily navigate our thoughts and feel at ease in the present moment. We are then able to live with more joy!

I will be teaching all about EFT Tapping at my upcoming Spiritual Reboot retreat in Nicaragua in early April. This workshop takes place at Gracious Living Oasis, hosted by holistic nutritionist, and yoga teacher Grace Van Berkum. We will have daily yoga, meditation and teachings, a veritable Spiritual Buffet, featuring A Course in Miracles, Law of Attraction (Abraham Hicks) Yoga Sutra and EFT Tapping. All these teachings are designed to help you point your compass towards Peace, Love and Joy.

Speaking of JOY, there will be plenty of play time on this retreat! Our function on this earth is to have happiness and live with JOY! So that might mean getting massages, swimming in the ocean, paddle boarding, going on a volcano hike (!), exploring the beautiful city of Leon, and more…..

If you want to learn more go to this link and/or feel free to message me with any questions. There are only a few spots left- so I encourage you to call  407-252-8035 NOW to get your spot! Spiritual yoga retreat

The Tapping Solution (EFT): How To Get Started



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