GLO at FPNCome to the GLO pop-up at FeelPeaceNow this Friday and find out which superfood is my favorite!

Join me and Grace Van Berkum, from Gracious Living Oasis (GLO) Wellness Centre in Nicaragua, as she talks about how eating well is a form of self-love and self-care, and how good foods will help you reduce life’s stresses and stabilize your moods. Find out which superfood is my fav (maybe it’s not hard to guess?) and learn why I love Grace, her teachings and her food SO MUCH!!

Grace will also discuss healthy eating on the go, healthy snacks throughout the day and at work, and demo an easy raw, vegan, superfood protein ball recipe that you can easily do yourself at home to help stabilize your blood sugars.

I learned how to make this yummy snack when I was at GLO retreat centre in Nicaragua this past April— these protein balls are delicious and easy to make! 

If you sometimes wonder how you can feed yourself nutritious and delicious foods without spending hours in the kitchen, Grace will explain how. She is full of great knowledge and has helped so many people heal their sick, stressed bodies. The transformations that happen are not magic– they are achievable with knowledge and the power to choose to love yourself by how you treat your body each day.

Samples and recipe book included- you lucky ducks!

I hope you can join us! Call me to reserve your seat– 407-252-8035. Call now— the event is Friday July 13 at 11am!

Peace and namaste- love hb



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