It’s late January (Happy New Year!), and amazingly I feel so excited! There are so many great things in this world, so much that can help us feel better, so many opportunities for us to pay attention to Light and Love and Well-Being — if we CHOOSE. Here are my fav’s this week:

  1. My friends Kyle Bryant and Sean Baumstark share about how gratitude is such an incredible way to turn around a funky attitude. Their humor coupled with open-hearted sharing makes this podcast worth tuning into. Both Kyle and Sean have a rare disease called Friedrich’s Ataxia, but they do NOT let that drag them down. I love these guys and this episode is another reason why.
  2. I love the fabulous artist Kelly Rae Roberts– she is a social worker turned full-time artist, and her offerings, whether it be her paintings or podcast, always lift my heart. This episode of her Possibilitarian Podcast has engaging conversation about learning to love yourself. Kelly Rae’s guest, Andrea Scher of Superhero Life, shares some practices, inspired by self-compassion teacher Kristin Neff, I hope you will try, choosing to hold your hand over your heart when you feel upset and when you feel joy. She also shared this recording “Loving and Listening to yourself” from Sarah Blondin, one of my favorite publishers on Insight Timer.
  3. Speaking of Insight Timer, if you haven’t downloaded this free app yet, now is the time! It has THOUSANDS of free guided meditations on there– which can seem daunting (but that link is to their most popular- and Sarah Blondin’s is listed there!) You can curate what you like to listen to, you can follow certain teachers, find topics that you want to explore. It’s all FREE. I listen to Kiran chanting every morning. I adore it!
  4. I’m happy to announce my populate e-course, Not Your Mom’s Lent-2.0, is coming back! It’s a perfect way to practice turning toward Light and Love.  It starts Feb14. A unique 40 day practice to awaken your sacred curiosity & support your devotional practice.

Lent e-course

“Not Your Mom’s Lent” 2.0 (NYML) is a Lenten Journey e-course with FeelPeaceNow that will support your mind-body-spirit integration during a sacred time. I grew up Catholic, and we were always asked, “What are you giving up for Lent?”.  As I grew older, I realized I could add something in, as opposed to just giving up sweets or morning TV (choices that were positive, btw!). By offering this course to you, I am encouraging you to ADD something IN as well.

NYML will focus on weaving in teachings from many spiritual traditions, in particular from Yoga, Buddhist and Christian teachers, advice from A Course in Miracles, Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction) and teachings and insights from The Yoga Sutra.

A few years ago, I began attending a yoga studio where the teacher instructed us in Yoga Sutra teachings from a heart-centered, female writer. I had never heard the Yoga Sutras interpreted this way! I loved it. This year I will be featuring teachings from this  book, The Secret Power of Yoga, by Nischala Joy Devi, as well as teachings from many others.

You don’t have to be a yoga student or a Catholic or a Christian to participate in NYML. Here is what previous participants said about their experience in the course:

“Heidi finds words and methods to appeal to depth or breadth of your spirituality and or religious preferences.  This lessons learned will last long after this 7 week journey.” -Yvette Silvey


Participants will receive an email on every MWF during Lent. Posts will include readings, reflections and simple practice suggestions, as well as links to resources to help us examine and decide how to add disciplines to our lives that are heart opening, introspective and inspirational.

“I looked forward to the daily readings more than I expected. At the time I lived in a city I didn’t appreciate because I didn’t think it was beautiful. There was one lesson in particular that encouraged me to see beauty every day. Guess what? I started seeing beauty everywhere: in the clouds, shapes in architecture, eyes and the Oklahoma landscapes.” – Ginny Bourke

A private Facebook group will be made available so participants can interact and support each other for an illuminating and encouraging journey during the 40 days of Lent.

“Heidi, I loved your Not Your Mothers Lent course! It was so refreshing, inspiring and it gave me a new way to look at my faith with so much more love. Thank you for sharing your heart with mine. I look forward to taking this course again.” – Michele Burdette

I hope you will join us this Lent (Feb 14-April 1).  Sign up now at this link .

Thank you for reading this far– thanks for being YOU, being your own version of Light and Love and for helping the world FeelPeaceNow.

Peace be with you & namaste!





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