whatdoyoureallywantI love my job. I love helping my clients see things in a new way to help them heal old hurts, grow and change in positive ways. Yesterday I had a great conversation with a client. She wanted to cultivate positive changes in her work-life. She started telling me what she wanted to change, but instead of speaking to what she wanted she described it by saying what she didn’t want.

We all do this from time to time. I used to do it a LOT too. I once had job with a not-nice boss. I prayed “God, please help me find a job with a not-mean boss”. The next job I got the boss was NOT mean—hooray! Instead, he was sexually harassing—boo!!! I realize now I was not asking the universe for what I really wanted: A NICE boss, a healthy work environment, etc.   This is a common mistake – asking for what we don’t want.

Yesterday as I listened to my client talk about what she didn’t want, it hit me clearly, so I asked her, “Do you ever make a list for the grocery store of what you DON’T want?” She giggled, and she got it right away! That quick re-frame changed her energy and turned her mood in a positive direction. She began to craft what she WANTED from work, and I believe by continuing to focus on what she wants instead of what she doesn’t want, she will make it happen.

So, what do you WANT from the grocery store? Or rather, from life? Make a list, write it down- be as extensive as possible. What you focus on manifests! The universe is waiting to deliver your order.

Don’t make a grocery list of the things you DON’T want….

Don’t get


Bad relationship



Instead, imagine and then write down what you DO WANT…

Get these things (needed each day)

Loving kindness

A good sense of perspective and humor


Abundance of positive thoughts

Good energy to care for myself

Healthy exercise & movement

Delicious good-for-me food

More gratitude


What do YOU want in your life? What is at the top of YOUR list? Feel free to share in the comments section below.










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