Is your self esteem low? How is your self talk? Ever feel like you suck, don’t matter, that you’re terrible at ____ (fill in the blank) – and that it means you are just not good enough? What if you had a friend who talked to you that way? “You suck!” “I don’t like you” “You’re terrible at that”…… Would you stay friends (for very long) with some who told that you were not good enough? You wouldn’t really enjoy their company. Yet many of us talk to ourselves that way.

Credit: Karen Salmonsohn

Credit: Karen Salmonsohn

I’m co-facilitating a workshop on Sat Mar 28 that targets just that kind of inner critic. The ways we devalue ourselves is really an old voice we picked up from family, from the world around us, when we were young. We think we have gathered evidence to support its truth, but in fact, that inner critic sees things through smudged up dirty glasses.

The truth is, maybe you’re not great at something, but it doesn’t mean you ARE terrible.  You might not have been taught to do certain things, you might not have had good teachers, so you might not be skilled like you want.  But that doesn’t mean you suck.

Come find out how to understand these inner critical voices in a unique way, and learn how to get them out of your head, by using a really efficient technique called EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique, also called Tapping.  I have been using Tapping for years, with great success, in helping people get rid of those negative views of self, and it’s transformed my clients.  I have used it on myself and been so happy to think and feel better in my own life.

I want you to get this same benefit. My colleague, Lezlie Laws, coach and founder of LifeArt Studio, is going to help us understand where these views of self come from and we will all get to use the EFT Tapping to get leverage to move from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.

We only have a few seats left, so register quickly — especially if you want to take advantage of our March Madness BoGo— buy one get one for free! Most of us enjoy going to a workshop with a friend. Your friend will love to get these benefits of emotional freedom too! What would happen if you spoke to yourself with love? (Answer: you will feel more loving!)

As always, please call me at 407-252-8035 if you have any questions. I hope to see your name on the registration list and see you on Saturday March 28! Namaste <3

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