This is a fairly long (albeit amusing) story about how eventually listening to my intuition helped me. If you struggle with listening to YOUR internal voice, I can help you learn how to tune in and hear what it is telling you and how to more effectively act on your intuition instead of your fear.

I was told they had a warrant out for me.

The voicemail they left was very concerning – it involved an urgent matter with the Orange County Sherriff’s office and the court. I had to call back asap. Time was of the essence.

I quickly called back, and was told I was in violation of jury duty and the judge had issued a bench warrant for me- but he was willing to let me turn myself in without my being arrested so I could clear this matter of evading my commitment to being on a grand jury. WTF?

I was baffled, confused (and frankly intimdated) by the legal language the officer was using . I was a bit scared too—I didn’t want to be accused of a crime I didn’t commit. I had never had legal trouble in my life. I had never signed a document saying I’d appear in court to be part of a grand jury. I was truly stymied and assured the officer who called that I wanted to fix this.

In the back of my head though, a little voice was telling me “something isn’t right here.”

But the officer was very insistent.  He wanted me to come to the court house immediately so I could avoid further trouble.

We made a plan for me to come to court within an hour. He said he had to have his supervisor call me on a federally secure line to confirm the details. We set up the call time in the next half hour.

With only a few minutes to spare, I dashed to Whole Foods to grab an emergency lunch of chocolate coconut milk (read=comfort food) and called my old friend, Robin, who had worked in the Sherriff’s office for years. She could help me.

I hurriedly explained this awful predicament to my ally. Ever the wise one, Robin exclaimed, “This sounds like BS!” and ordered me, “Do NOTHING until you speak to me again.” Then she hung up.

Her fierce protectiveness gave me a sense of calm in what had seemed like a storm. I breathed slower, bought some tuna in addition to the chocolate milk and went outside to eat whilst googling “Orange County Sherriff’s Office scam” on my phone.

There it was: SCAM ALERT!!!

Robin quickly found the same info and called me back. Then we hatched a plan: keep the scammers on the telephone while Robin would record them and keep them from scamming someone else in the meantime.

For the next hour I played along with the fraudulent phonies, Robin sending me texts the entire time while she listened in from her phone. I told them “I want to do everything you are saying so I can make this right”.

It was pathetic to hear their very poorly scripted plot.

I think they spent too many years watching Adam-12 as little boys.

Here was their gist: The scammers wanted me to go to Office Depot, buy some money pak cards, so they wouldn’t be taking my secure credit card info (geesh how considerate!). I was to then use the money pak cards to pay the fines that I had incurred in these violations.

They assured me I would be reimbursed at the court house, with mileage to boot. (.54 cents/mile- how kind!) They said, “We are recording your agreement to this plan.”

Finally, I said to them, “You are recording this call, right?”  “Yes” they said, “We have to record you to make sure you understand everything we need you to do.”

“Well,” I said, “I am recording YOU too—my colleague from the Sherriff’s office is on the line…” and Robin chimed in, saying “And it’s against the law to impersonate an officer!”

We told him to stop running this BS scam on folks, get a conscience and get a life.  He hung up. It was over!

I almost had believed I was in trouble—but that tiny small voice had promoted me to seek support from my friend and my intuition paid off.

Crisis averted! I thanked Robin and the Holy Spirit (which is what I also call my intuition or inner guidance system).

I almost ignored my intuition and could have been taken advantage of like so many others have been.

Turning to a trusted friend helped me get support and talk through a scary situation. It emboldened me to take action and turn them into the real police.

Looking back on it, I think I could have just blocked their return call,  reported the incident to the real police and saved myself a few hours of time. Live and learn!

Lessons–>they just keep happening while we are on this side of the dirt.

People: What I learned from this is this is LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!

I hope you listen to YOUR intuition today and use your voice with dignity and respect. Remember it is not mean to say “no.” No is a fine word. It is often a way to say YES to yourself.

If you would like to get some help in understanding how to listen to your intuition, how to practice saying NO or YES, please feel free to respond to this post below.

You can also contact me to discuss how I help my clients tune in to their guidance system, find more inner peace and begin to move forward in their lives with more satisfaction and joy.  

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