Last weekend I took a trip to DC with my husband.  We saw family and friends and really had a great time.  But we were also SO BUSY! So it was not really relaxing, and I have to say I came home wanting to feel a little better (please know I am not complaining, just reflecting on the need to have genuine rest along with relaxation). I want to feel calmer, like I do after going to the beach or the mountains. I want to Feelpeacenow.

So I was reminded of this advice by the wonderful writer Maria Popova (and I found this beautiful pic of my trip to NH with WWP).  And this week I will once again take my morning walk (like I did when I was in New Hampshire) and I will build back in the pockets of stillness and have no great purpose in mind but to allow myself to daydream and be. build pockets of stillnessWhat will you do to nurture yourself and feel better? I’d love to hear from you. What helps you Feelpeacenow?

Peace be with you- Namaste!

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