women doing heart-opening yoga pose with quote above and below that states: When I am tempted nay fear, may I open my heart and be guided back to love

This post is about the various teachings I collage together to help me FeelPeaceNow. It is about heart-opening. Also I am inspired to share a *new* resource with you today! (see link below)

As a collage artist I love combining papers, patterns & paints to make layers of beautiful images.

I do the same with spiritual & psychological teachings. To me they go together perfectly, like the best pb&j! 🥪💜

That’s why you see me teaching about all of these things together on all my platforms (and if you come see me for counseling, workshops or retreats). ☮️💟🕉

I am drawn to so many spiritual practices that my mind and heart easily link together. For instance, right now, I’m devouring the new book, Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson— and I love it!! I’m so excited to find a book that shares this feminist gospel, which Watterson calls “A Christianity we haven’t tried yet” — and the very very good news that we are all inherently good,  and that as part ego/part soul (Divine) we can choose each day (many times throughout the day!) to come back to a way of living that is more deeply aligned with Source– we can, as Watterson says, “practice a way that disrupts the ego’s grasp & lets us return again…to love


These are the same teachings that I have distilled from my parents loving guidance as charismatic Catholics, from my study of the Yoga Sutras, from studying & practicing the teachings from A Course in Miracles, from allowing the clear happy teachings of Abraham Hicks into my heart, from the beautiful peaceful instruction of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh who always is so steady & kind….and so many more spiritual practices that have woken me up to THIS TRUTH–> We come from Love Energy and the largest part of us remains connected to Love Energy,and when we choose to notice it and align with it we feel GREAT. ✨🥰✨

Today, this is my mantra:
When I am tempted by fear, may I open my heart. May I be guided back to love.✨💟✨

I hope this mantra is helpful to you too! Let me know if it resonates with you. I always love hearing from you when you read these emails from me. And if you read Mary Magdalene Revealed, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Peace be with you- Namaste!

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