Right now, take your pulse.  Go ahead, I can wait…. (I just tried to feel mine in my wrist- I can’t feel it- yikes! No wait–  I can feel it in my throat– whew! There it is. I am officially alive!)

So are you! This is how you know you are worth it.  Worth taking care of. Worth loving. Worth putting in the effort for.  Worth showing up for. You are worth it because you are alive.

So now you know.  And you get to do YOUR part– you get to also show up. Put in effort. Be choosey in how you care for yourself.  Be grateful you are alive. Be thankful to Life for all it has to offer.

Keep practicing daily! It matters.

Keep practicing daily! It matters.

If you are feeling less-than-ok, (and even if you are feeling GREAT) you can use daily care practices (like mindfulness, gratitude, prayer, meditation, tapping, journaling, yoga and others) to help balance your mood and thoughts, and things will get better— as you put in the effort. Remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

What daily practices are you doing to thank God (or the universe or Love or Divine Goodness) that you are alive? What are you thankful for? If you need some ideas, watch this amazing video below:

(I know you will thank me, so you’re welcome!)

This video, featuring Brother David, a highly-respected Benedictine monk, author and spiritual leader, is a BLESSING to all those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.” Look, listen and be inspired by this powerful message on grateful living. Please visit gratefulness.org

Thanks for tuning into the blog this week.  Peace be with you- Namaste!

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