Is there any way to stop the inner critic? That voice in your head that says negative or mean things about yourself. You know what it sounds like: “I  can’t ____”  “It’s too hard to ____”  “I’m not good at____” “I’m not smart/strong/pretty/thin/rich enough.” etc….

UGH! Yuck! I hate it when I feel like that, don’t you? When I limit myself, when I believe I’m not good enough or capable, it’s so disempowering. It literally drains me of energy and strength.  No me gusta.

Well, my friend Lezlie Laws knows about this Inner Critic.  She is a coach and founder of LifeArt Studio and she has great insight into these “voices” in our heads. She also specializes in helping folks be their best creative selves, people who are “yearning to flourish” ( I love that!).  She knows how to identify these inner critical voices and help us understand them and their messages and I know how to help shrink them so they stop running the show — use  EFT tapping!

Get rid of the INNER CRITIC with Tapping

Get rid of the Inner Critic with EFT Tapping

How does Tapping apply to creativity?

  •  Research shows that we tap into our creative potential most readily when we are in a state of relaxation.
  • Tapping creates the fertile conditions that allow our unique and innate creative potential to express itself in powerful ways.
  • From this relaxed /tuned-in state, we can craft the lifestyle and habits of mind that allow us to truly enjoy our creative energy, producing the art we were born to create.

You can come learn all about this too! On Sat March 28, 2015, Lezlie Laws and I are co-facilitating an all-day workshop on this very topic- “Tapping the Inner Critic Out Of Your Head: Using EFT to Energize Creativity.”  We will show you how EFT Tapping can help you to let go of the negative stories that are holding you back, and how to find focus and energy for your creative life.  We will help you be your best authentic self!

Are you yearning to flourish? To be creative? Then sign up now for this workshop (seating is limited). Click on the events page on Feelpeacenow or at LifeArt Studio or go straight to this registration link

Come join us for a day where we will get to understand ourselves and this Inner Critic better, and get the confidence to act more creatively, in whatever way lets us shine.

Transition from being stuck to being empowered!

(p.s. We will also feed you that day- yummy healthy food from a great caterer- Black Dog Café!)

Please call me if you have any questions, 407-252-8035, or call Lezlie at 407-227-7456. We look forward to having a great energized day with you!

If you are still alive, there is more to do!

If you are still alive, there is more to do!

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