This is about being your BEST SELF. The person you are in the eyes of God.

This can be  YOU

This can be YOU

What if you believed this truth: like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, you too can transform! You can be your best self.

It will take some work, some effort.  And it is worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Butterflies seem improbable, but they exist.  How do they emerge from what looks like a dead cocoon? It reminds me of a quote my father sent me, when I was going through the end of my first marriage. I was bereft and didn’t know how long it would take to heal:

One of God’s arrangements is that after winter there should come beautiful spring days. It happens every year and it happens in every life.  – Fr. Joseph

In fact, I emerged from the end of that marriage, 15 years ago this spring, with more strength and ability to be open to the world.  I became the butterfly. I worked hard, in therapy and in my spiritual life, to heal the sorrows and work on understanding that my life now had a new path. Today, I am immensely happy, about to celebrate a 10-year wedding anniversary, to a loving and kind man. I am very grateful!

Yet, this Lenten season, for me, has been one in which I have worked to forgive old hurts, and more clearly OPEN my eyes to the truth that my life — ALL of it, is a blessing.  Even the hard yucky stuff I went through in the unhappy times and dissolution of my first marriage.  I have been reading, praying, journaling and sharing with a close-knit group of spiritual cheerleaders and I am ready to left go of any remnants of my old self that harbored anger or fear.

Those resentments didn’t let me be totally free.  I had the mistaken belief that holding onto what felt like “justifiable” anger would protect me.  Wrong!  Through svadhyaya (self-study), I was pointed toward Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love Workshop, and in this amazing audio (omg- you need to order this NOW!) I heard her say:

Give the past to God who can change your mind about it for you.

Give it to God!  I have heard this my entire life, from my parents.  Turns out, they were right again! If I can’t forgive my ex, God can help me do it.  God says “lean on my while you go through this.”  And so I have.  I have written my prayer and shared it with my prayer group.  And I feel it working.  I am only here today, in this beautiful marriage, because I went through the past.  I don’t need to cart around any hurt or upset, because that is NOT the truth. The miracle that has taken place is a shift in my perspective.  And I feel it.

If you want some help with this, of letting go of old hurts or working to transform yourself, please call me up and make an appointment. I specialize in helping people heal old thoughts and feelings, limiting beliefs.  We all have them.  Sometimes they really hold us back from thriving, from flourishing, as my friend Lezlie Laws call it.

Last weekend, Lezlie and I hosted a workshop and helped attendees identify their limiting beliefs.  Everyone there was able to name at least one thing they thought about themselves that they wanted to change- an inner critical voice that was heavy and made them well-up with sadness or shame. I showed everyone there how to use EFT / Tapping, as a way to help transform the inner critic.  Transformation started happening. A return to love started happening.  What a gift to witness!

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