you were born with wellbeing

How are you to trust in the universe when all kinds of things have happened to you?

How are you not to?

These are the choices you face: trust or mistrust. Trusting means you access the Well-Being that is always flowing to you and through you. Mistrusting means ignoring that your Well-Being is there. It means ignoring your inner guidance system,.

Why would you ever doubt the energy that allows your heart to pump with you doing NOTHING to make it happen? Maybe you were trained to doubt that things are going to be okay, because you grew up with discord and chaos around you. Maybe your care-givers doubted in Well-Being because they had grown up with chaos and trauma. Their strong habit-energy may be what is driving your belief system.

Yet, it doesn’t make sense to ignore that you are NOT making your lungs breathe, let alone all the other miracles that are flourishing right beneath your skin and bones.

Your very life is a miracle in action. choosing loving thoughts

Noticing that this (breathing lungs, heart working, etc) is happening right NOW can help you re-gain a sense of your Well-Being.

Right now, as you read this, take a slow deep breath in…….S-L-O-W-L-Y let it out……  and another– even super slooooow-er…… In ……… Out…….. Be right here, now. Just here, reading, thinking about the miracle of being alive and the zillion-ish miracles happening inside your body, Life loving you right where you are.

Taking the time to notice you are here, coupled with breathing nice and slow –these are ways to help you re-gain calm. These are ways to help you decrease anxiety and increase feeling good. This is a way to take in the good, as neuropychologist Rick Hanson says. 

Remember: Well-Being is flowing to you and through you. You get to choose to notice that truth, and you then get to benefit from the feeling-good feelings that come from that choice. So, go ahead, practice allowing yourself to trust in the Universe. It’s got you covered.

Peace be with you- Namaste!


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