I didn’t think I could meditate.

When I first tried meditation years ago, I held the belief that it would be impossible for me to sit still quietly for more than a couple of minutes.

It was 2012.  I had found Insight Timer , an app that lets you set a timer with a bell to sound when your meditation is done. “How long could I do this?”, I wondered. Feeling awkward, I set the timer to go off at the two minute mark, with a bell that would sound 1/2 way through so I’d know there was only one torturous minute left ?

That was 7 years ago.

I had been a therapist for over 20 years at the time. I knew the science behind meditation. I knew neuroscience research supported the sage wisdom of yogis and Jesus and 1000’s of other teachers: Meditation calms the mind, improves our mood, decreases anxiety… and much more. 

I knew that quieting the mind, focusing on one thing (the breath) could bring steadiness and ease to one’s life. I had been a yoga practitioner for over a decade at that time and felt that steadiness of connecting to my breath while on my yoga mat.  But sitting still to meditate? Even though I “knew” that meditation held so many benefits, I didn’t KNOW it in my bones. I hadn’t experienced it….. yet.

Then, just a few years ago, I attended an Abraham Hicks workshop and heard them say that sitting quietly, emptying one’s mind, IS The Way to be in the receptive mode of Source. ✨??✨ Now THAT, for some reason, got my attention! (This will not surprise you who know I am a Source junkie 😉 )

Abraham recommended quiet meditation, first thing in the morning, so that we are in alignment with Source/God-energy/Love-energy at the very beginning of the day. ✨??✨ This is so we can ride that wave of positive momentum that happens when we connect with Source.

I already had a deep, enriching morning practice. I was intrigued by Abraham’s clear instruction on how and why to meditate. So I decided I could add in quiet seated meditation, and what-the-heck, I’d go for their recommended 15 minutes (13 minutes longer than my previous attempts!). I didn’t even set a 1/2-way-through bell…. I gave in and surrendered to just being quiet for those 15 minutes…

…I loved it!

I felt such calm, such peace. For the last minute or so (truth be told). Even though my mind jumped around after I had let it settle, I was able to return to my breath, again and again. Now, almost 2 years later, this practice became integrated into my morning routine.

Truly, I have found it to be one of my most nourishing practices ?? .

Sit quietly and close your eyes.
The light within you is sufficient.
Let your thoughts fly to the peace within.
They know the way.

(From lesson 188 of A Course in Miracles✨ one of my favorite passages ??)

Do you ever sit quietly and close your eyes? What happens?

Today, perhaps you will give seated meditation a try. You can use my most fav app ever, Insight Timer, and it will be your guide. Let me know if you want to know fav’s on there. I am always happy to direct you to ones I love.

✨? by dear @gracienoellie ?????‍♀️while @deepwoodsyoga

Peace be with you. Namaste!

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