What is True Love? Does it mean “romantic love”? Does it mean “I found my soul mate”?

One Love is True LoveMany of us have ideas about what those words mean, and with Valentine’s day happening this Wednesday, many of us may be thinking about or hoping for romantic love gestures or the possibility of finding our soul mate, of finding true love.

The truth is, love is an inside job.  True Love is the love you were born with– it’s the love you have from Source Energy- the love that brought you to life. Finding your soul mate means finding resonance with your True Self– recognizing that our soul’s longing for connection is already within us.  It’s just that many of us haven’t tuned in.

This year, this month, this WEEK, you have an opportunity to TUNE IN (heck, you can tune in NOW!). I am teaching an online class, an e-course, called Not Your Mom’s Lent, (2.0).  An e-course means the content is delivered straight to your in-box. You will get an email every MWF (starting tomorrow, Feb 14). This course lasts for 7 weeks, ending on Easter Sunday.

I called it “Not Your Mom’s Lent” (NYML) because while I was raised in a Catholic household, my religious and spiritual views have grown and extended beyond my upbringing. I have learned that many religions have deep, beautiful nourishing practices that connect us to Love. I have learned that the aim of yoga is to help us remember that we have God energy / Source energy / Love energy emanating from inside us– and we just have to tune in and pay attention to feel it.  I believe that there are many paths to a Higher Power and that we are all connected as One to this Divine Love that guides us and wants us to live with joy!

NYML is open to ALL, regardless of your religion or faith practices. 

I grew up with example of my parents and our priests discussing Catholic dogma around the dining room table.  We heard them dialogue about their views and have dissent while still  having engaged and compassionate sharing. This deepened everyone’s faith and feeling of connectedness. Informed dissent is a real thing! And it doesn’t have to be divisive.

It is my hope that you will join me in the NYML course. You don’t have to discuss your views, although when you sign up you can participate in the private Facebook group that is available to all.

REGISTER HERE – the cost is $39 (less than a $1/day for the 40+ days of Lent) 

And for any old Catholics in the group, there is no requirement to give something up during Lent. I’m encouraging you to ADD something in. Not Your MOm's Lent course is back


“Not Your Mom’s Lent” 2.0 (NYML) is a Lenten Journey e-course with FeelPeaceNow that will support your mind-body-spirit integration during a sacred time. NYML will focus on weaving in teachings from many spiritual traditions, in particular from Yoga, Buddhist and Christian teachers, advice from A Course in Miracles, Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction) and teachings and insights from The Yoga Sutra.

Participants will receive an email on every MWF during Lent. Posts will include readings, reflections and simple practice suggestions, as well as links to resources to help us examine and decide how to add disciplines to our lives that are heart opening, introspective and inspirational.


“Heidi finds words and methods to appeal to depth or breadth of your spirituality and or religious preferences.  This lessons learned will last long after this 7 week journey.” -Yvette Silvey

“I looked forward to the daily readings more than I expected. At the time I lived in a city I didn’t appreciate because I didn’t think it was beautiful. There was one lesson in particular that encouraged me to see beauty every day. Guess what? I started seeing beauty everywhere: in the clouds, shapes in architecture, eyes and the Oklahoma landscapes.” – Ginny Bourke

“Heidi, I loved your Not Your Mothers Lent course! It was so refreshing, inspiring and it gave me a new way to look at my faith with so much more love. Thank you for sharing your heart with mine. I look forward to taking this course again.” – Michele BurdetteNot yOUr mom's lent 2.0

Here’s one more thing: a beautiful article from Thich Nhat Hanh on the Buddhists’ view of romantic love. 

Peace be with you!




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