When is the last time you took an extensive time to nurture yourself? To put on your oxygen mask first?

You who take care of every one and everything else first?

How do you fill up your cup?

Does taking time for yourself feel like a luxury you shouldn’t indulge? Like when you’re contemplating that addition of avocado to your order, but you decline spending the extra $1… why are you denying what your body needs? What you crave? 🥑

You don’t have to put yourself last on your list anymore.

Not now.

Not this year, for goodness sake.

I’m teaching an online retreat, to help support you fully, to help you care for YOU, that you can attend easily from the comfort of your home, starting on March 1.

The folks who’ve come on this retreat before still sing the praises, of how what they’ve learned is making a difference in their lives a year later.

See Jen’s testimony on my Instagram feed  and Lynne’s testimony below.

They both has transformative experiences of shedding stress & finding relief & a morning practice that still nurtures them today.

I want the same thing for you. For you to know how good it is to have this devoted practice, to find a connection to your trueSelf via the immersion in a retreat that gives you all the support & tools you need.

Call or text me today at 407-252-8035 me if you have any questions, and to sign up. I can’t wait to have you join us!


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