choose love

Be an advocate for Love only

My readings lately have all been dove-tailing around the same lessons: choices, and options to love. Last week was no exception. We had an historic election in the USA, and many folks have responded with fear or contraction, and some with righteousness.  What we all have, though, is an option to love.

No matter who you voted for, you have the option to be kind, to be supportive to others, and the choice to be living in fear or living in love. Your choice.

This is no different than the choices we all have every day. I can react in anger or frustration or irritation to the world around me if I feel displeased, or I can breathe, become aware of my thoughts, and act with integrity and kindness. Kindness is always an option.

Your feelings are your guide for what you are thinking. Do you know what you are paying attention to? What are you drawn to?

“The mind is a mirror that reveals the nature of whatever we have chosen to pay attention to.”-  Rolf Gates

If you don’t like how you are feeling, you can CHANGE your thinking. Use your breathe. Access the spiritual teachings you know at your core are your truth. Listen to leaders who lead from love.  This past week I have listened to some of my favorite teachers, and I have used my prayer and meditation practices to calm my anxious thoughts.

Who is the voice of calm and reason and love in your life? Can you tune in to the small still voice of your Inner Being (God, Love, Compassion)? I know you can. I know when we all do, that Love Wins.



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