Michael Franti is one of my favorite musicians.  His lyrics are incredible and accurately describe feelings, struggles and yearnings that we all have.  Many of his songs (in the last few years especially) are energetic and uplifting. I am always happy and comforted when I hear his music. But this week I wasn’t happy.  I was in the grip of fear. So I took Michael’s advice,  “Look to the light”   – a lyric that to me is a guidepost about faith and connection, something that we all need when we are dealing with fear.

Whether you wish on the stars tonight,
or whether you wish on the silent light,
look to the light….look to the light

Here’s what I know: When I am uncertain about the future and don’t feel at ease, I need comfort.  When I’m scared or lonely, I crave safety and connection with others.  These are totally normal feelings and you can do something positive to help yourself when you feel this way.

This week  I was feeling scared about the future, when my mom dislocated her hip and fell for the second time in a month. It was scary and sad for her and for our family.  We didn’t know if she would be okay or what this would mean for her.  Fear had us in its grip. I hate feeling afraid and I know staying in fear darkens my outlook on life, and that isn’t good.  So I called my friends and asked for prayers.  My siblings and I immediately banded together to help our mom and we were buoyed by the faith instilled by our parents, by the prayers from others, and the relationships we had built with God and with friends who are there for us in good times and in bad.

All week I have been looking to the light. And I suggest you do this too when you are down and out and worried.  Reach out to a good friend, to a loving family member.  To God or to Divine Energy, or Higher Power or Wisdom or Love. When you settle yourself with your breath (boy did that come in handy this week!) and other calming skills (yes, I did lots of EFT/Tapping!), you can begin to connect with others and feel the support that exists in the world.

Look to the light.  Things are already getting better.




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