My Practice

My Practice

Relationship Troubles… Stress & Anxiety…. Unwanted Thoughts or Memories…. Alcohol or Drug Problems– Many people face these issues. While untreated, they can threaten to rob you of joy, worsen your health or even wreck your life. But all things are treatable.

Imagine– feeling in control of your life again– it can happen!

I know how to help you get better. I help professionals resolve & heal from issues related to anxiety & PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and help couples re-connect & heal love relationships. I will help you develop better stress management & positive coping skills so you can FeelPeaceNow.

What’s it like to go to counseling?

It’s natural to feel a bit unsure or un-easy when you come to counseling for the first time. But honestly, you will be happily surprised that coming to see me is not scary or upsetting. When you come to FeelPeaceNow, you have a safe, confidential place to talk about whatever is bothering you. You get my full attention to your issues. You can tell me what is upsetting you.  It is my job to help you resolve your troubles. I am dedicated to my work and to your well-being.

When you fully participate in counseling:

  • You will be relieved to find a safe, confidential, calm, and caring place to talk about your concerns.
  • You can expect to begin to feel better during the first appointment.
  • By the end of our first session, you will have new tools you can use right away to help you start to FeelPeaceNow.

Counseling Services at FeelPeaceNow

I provide counseling to individuals, couples (and sometimes to families).

A counseling “hour” is generally a 50-minute session.

First-Time couples sessions are generally 80 minute sessions.

I accept cash, checks or major credit cards. I do not bill insurance but I can provide a bill for you to submit to your insurance provider if you wish. (Be aware, if you use insurance I am required to provide a diagnosis, which may or may not be reimbursed by your provider).

At your first session, we will be going over the paperwork you filled out (available to download or can be sent to you via email), as well as talking about what issues are currently troubling you.  I will be asking lots of questions to get a better understanding of what might be contributing to the issue(s) you are concerned about.  You can ask me and tell me anything when you come to counseling; there are no taboo subjects.

I am legally obligated to keep everything confidential that we discuss, unless it is something that falls into these categories: if you are a danger to yourself (suicidal) or others (homicidal), or if you tell me about child abuse, elder or disabled abuse – then I will get help for anyone involved in those circumstances.

If you are ready to start feeling better, to take control of your life, then call me today for a free 15-minute consultation 407-252-8035. You are worth it.

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