I hope you had a good start to 2016.  I heard Marianne Williamson say that if we want a GOOD year we have to MAKE IT a good year!

To that end, I am starting 2016 with a focus on LOVE. On LIGHT and PEACE and JOY.  Come join me, in pursuit of YOU. Of the Divine Energy in you.

Join my Lenten Journey WORKSHOP.

  • A unique 40+ day Spiritual Practice to awaken your sacred curiosity and support your devotional practice
  • $29 for Lenten Journey Emails sent to you Mon, Wed, Fri, & optional access to private Facebook group for community building & support
  • It is not a requirement that you are a member of a certain faith practice or a yoga practitioner to join this workshop. It is open to all.
  • Optional LIVE KICKOFF EVENT Sat. Feb 6 10a-12p (only $10 extra!) – includes Guided Meditations, EFT/Tapping, and help with crafting your Ideal Journey

I’m doing this workshop because as a Catholic Yogi with Buddhist leanings, I have felt nudged for the last 2 years to share what has helped me on my spiritual journey.  I have shared many Lenten journeys with dear devoted friends and I always have loved the closeness I have felt during those times.  I hope to offer you a place to deepen your introspection and way for you to carve out a spiritual support system to help you stay connected all the way through Easter (and beyond if you wish).

This personal workshop will focus on weaving in teachings from many spiritual traditions, in particular from Yoga, Buddhist and Christian teachers, advice from A Course in Miracles and teachings and insights from The Yoga Sutra. I will be sharing readings, poems, practice suggestions, links to awesome websites, podcasts and many other sources of inspiration to feed your soul (and mine!) during Lent.

Support your Spiritual Practice

Deepen your Sacred Curiosity

Benefits of registering for this workshop: You will get a unique guide during a holy time to help you focus on Love; a spiritual community to help deepen your Lenten Journey; links/resources to awaken your sacred curiosity and support your devotional practice.

Committing to participate will mean you have the opportunity to read, reflect, practice and interact how you choose. Each person’s journey will be what they make it to be.

You can register here for the ONLINE class, and if you live in Central Florida, you can sign up to attend the LIVE KICKOFF on Sat Feb 6


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