I have to say, this will be an unusual Thanksgiving for our family.  We get to find out if hospitals serve turkey on Thanksgiving.  That’s where most of my family will be this Thursday. After my mom had her 3rd hip dislocation last week, she will go into the hospital for hip revision surgery this week.  And so we will be having turkey (sandwiches?) at the hospital with her on Thanksgiving.  But thankful we will be, even though she’s been down this road before. We will be thankful that Mama Behr is getting a new hip!

My mom has been dealing with hip surgeries off and on for over 35 years. She lives with chronic pain. And even though my mom lives with pain, she is a shining example of faith and love.  She is the one who taught me to get up early to have “quiet time,” (what I have called ‘pointing my compass in the right direction‘).  This has been a saving grace in my life. Starting my day with a focus on the sacred increases my happiness and my inner peace.

While my mom taught me to set aside daily time to be with God, my father taught me that God is all around us- and especially noticeable in nature. He was the one who taught me my love of birds and flowers, water and sky. gratefulness for life

I am deeply thankful to both of them, for giving me these gifts of faith and love of nature. I am also grateful that I have been blessed with emotional and psychological curiosity, and that I have found so many wonderful colleagues and teachers over the years, who have helped me grow in this profession that I love.  I am grateful that many of you have come to see my as clients, and in doing so, you have helped me grow as a therapist. I am grateful to those of you who send me referrals, and share in consultation work, supporting me and my clients.

This year, I am still grateful to have found a creative outlet in making art, and in making this blog.  And I am grateful to have love in my life, with a wonderful husband (who is also an understanding son-in-law). I am so grateful for my siblings, who are also my friends, and for dear friends who buoy us all during hard times, and celebrate with us in good times.

I hope this Thanksgiving you are able to look in your heart and find things you are truly grateful for.  Even though holidays can be times of increased stress, I encourage you to be mindful and intentional about focusing on gratitude. Maybe it is the sun on your face, maybe it is the kindness from a loved one or even a stranger. During these hospitals visits we have encountered so many kind strangers. It has made such a difference.

Let us all remain watchful and grateful for the love that truly exists in this beautiful world.  Happy Thanksgiving.

* Namaste *



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