This morning I was stumped.  And instead of trying to think my way out of the problem, I used tapping. EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques.  (You may have read about tapping previously on my blog here.)  Within the second round of tapping, the solution popped into my head! Yay!! Boy did I feel better.  Much happier.

You will feel better when you regularly use EFT/Tapping

You will feel better when you regularly use EFT/Tapping

I love this easy-to-use technique that involves light acupressure and awareness of what I am thinking and feeling. It never ceases to amaze me how easily it can transform negative emotion or upset so quickly.  Today, I got to share this with almost 30 other social workers at OCPS- Orange County Public Schools.  I was invited to speak to them about EFT/Tapping – and when you learn about tapping, it’s not just a lecture- it’s an encounter. Everyone was tapping!

We tapped on stress– the thing we all have and all need help with. How to cope with stress? TAP! I got lots of great feedback from the participants that they felt MUCH better, calmer, more relaxed– all in about 5 minutes of tapping.  Pretty cool huh?

I love teaching this technique and especially love seeing the smiles on faces that previously grimaced in pain or stress.  Talk about a fast way to achieve happiness!

If you want to learn more about tapping, you can go to The Tapping Solution or EFT Universe  (two of the best sites with excellent free content on tapping) or you can come see me, or invite me to do a talk to your group or business.  I am happy to help you or your group learn about how to quickly reduce anxiety and stress and feel peace now.

You are also welcome to pre-sign up for our next Tapping Workshop at FeelPeaceNow in conjunction with LifeArt Studio.  Just email me your request at

Our last tapping workshop was a great success! We hope to see you at the next one on Saturday June 20, 2015. Details to follow 🙂

Until then, peace be with you. Namaste!

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