I was reading about this in my Meditations from the Mat book this week. (I know I keep talking about that book– b/c I LOVE IT! )

It is so true–  I do these things to end my suffering, I do these things to keep me sane, healthy and happy:

  • daily prayer
  • meditation
  • journaling gratitude
  • yoga asana
  • morning smoothies
  • morning lake walks and/or  bike rides
  • talking with dear friends to really share about life
  • EFT Tapping when I am distressed emotionally or physically
  • did I mention prayer?
  • being choosey about what I read, watch and listen to each day
  • trying to eat mostly healthy food and drink lots of water (I am not ready to give up french fries!)
  • being creative in some way

I have learned that many of these foundational practices, as Lezlie Laws calls them, help me set my compass in the right direction. I am heading in the direction that God would have me go- I am then more aligned with the God in me.

Some of these things are daily, but all are things I do each week. I have realized I have to take care of me if I am of any use in this world to others.  Please, think about how you are caring for YOU. Your well-being matters.  We are all interconnected.

What are you doing to change the content of your drop? What are you doing to help end your suffering?

Namaste- Peace be with you!

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