HB at beachCan you believe it’s almost December? Are you ready for the rest of the holidays? This time of year you can easily get caught up in these busy weeks. So how can you put yourself on your holiday list?


When you practice gratitude, even just for a few minutes a day, it changes the way you see the world, for the better. It’s one of the easiest ways to out yourself on the list– be kind to your heart and mind and list things you are grateful for. I wrote more about this in a previous blogpost. Check it out. Then you will be less cranky. 😉 Truly, when you practice, you can find good everywhere.


In just one appointment, we can do some EFT Tapping, and help your stress drop so low you will be surprised! It happens here all the time. I love my job and I love showing clients how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to significantly decrease (or even wipe out) anxiety and distress.  I have some openings on my calendar, so please contact me asap if you want to be on my schedule over the next few weeks. (I will be taking off the week of Christmas.)

3. Shop Local- Buy Some Art

Yes, this is a shameless plug to tell you about my Happy Art for Your Heart, on sale (right now!) at Infusion Tea in the College Park neighborhood near downtown Orlando. I have some originals for sale as well as many assorted prints and cards. My FeelPeaceNow message is in all I do, so I hope you might enjoy this version of my message to the world.

art for sale at Infusion

Happy Art for Your Heart

You really can put yourself on your list:

  • When you wake up try listening to nature or chanting (yup- that is what I do! with Insight Timer- bhakti yoga chants) and then meditating (instead of checking your news feed),
  • choosing to eat healthy each morning (and throughout the day),
  • by staying hydrated with healthy clean water (yeah, pleas skip the diet coke!),
  • moving your body each day (do you KNOW how many great yoga studios are in this town?! tons!! Or better yet, go play outside!),
  • taking time to breathe slowly during the day if you feel tension rise, and then
  • helping yourself get a good night’s rest by turning off electronics an hour before sleep (gasp!) and instead try reading or listening to guided meditations before sleep.

You have WAY more power to care well for yourself than you know. You have the power to change your thoughts and your habits and your life. If you need any help, you just give me a call. 407-252-8035. I am happy to be of help to you!

Until next time, Namaste! Peace be with you.

           Hope you like my prints and cards!


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