Use EFT Tapping & the Law of Attraction to Manifest What You Really Really Want: More Peace, Love and Joy NOW

Do you know what you want? What you really really want?

I want JOY

Do you want more JOY?

This isn’t a Spice Girls dream. This is REAL LIFE.

What do you want?  What do you really REALLY want? More peace… more love… more joy? What about better health… increased wealth? How about happier relationships? What about finding a way to like and love yourself?

These are not just dreams. They can be your reality. These are things we all want and deserve to have. It’s good that you want happy relationships, a job you love, enjoyment with your place in the world. It’s good to know you want to feel safe and be at ease. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you know how to make that happen? You can make these dreams come true via the Law of Attraction.

The question is, do you know how to get what you want? And do you know what gets in the way of having what you really really want? This is where EFT comes in.

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping) in my counseling practice EVERY DAY. I show my clients how to use it to help them transform their lives, so they can live with more ease and joy.

If you would like to learn how to use EFT to manifest the life YOU WANT, sign up for my new workshop. It starts on October 4.

We will meet each Wednesday in October– you pick the time that works for you. I am offering a late-morning/midday session, from 11:30a-1pm, or you can attend the early evening session, 6p-7:30pm. You can even bounce from morning to evening week to week if you need to. I am happy to accommodate your needs.

Here’s some of the feedback from previous workshop attendees:

“I highly recommend Heidi Behr’s Intro to EFT Workshop. For me, learning the science behind and how to effectively administer this technique has helped me personally and also professionally in my sessions with clients. It is an important tool that is easy to learn and explain to others and Heidi does a fantastic job getting right to the practice in the first session. I found Heidi to be genuine and honest, warm and welcoming and encouraging of questions and discussion without judgment. She provides handouts and additional resources with every class along with plenty of opportunity to practice the techniques in session.”– Holli Farrell, MS, Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

“I’ve never taken a workshop like this before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The sessions were warm and open. I think we all probably came to the workshop with our own end purpose, (and) the last session hit home to me the most as I’ve already been working on some of the issues you touched on.”  – T. 

If you are new to Law of Attraction, you will be delighted to find how it resonates with your lived experiences. The Law of Attraction is working for us all the time, similar to gravity. You probably never studied gravity, yet you understand how it works. With Law of Attraction, one of the easier ways to describe it is: Where your attention goes, energy flows. Another way to say it: you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

In this workshop, we will be discussing how each of us can become better at tuning in to our TRUE SOURCE of Well-Being, our highest vibration of love and appreciation, which helps us attract the life we all want. If you want to manifest abundance in your life, this is the workshop for you.

I would love to have you join me in this exciting workshop! Sign up now to grab your spot, and be sure to tell your friends. They might want to get more joy too!





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