choose your thoughts

Did you know YOU get to pick? You get to choose what you want to focus on.

Yup– you do.  Even though there is SO MUCH threatening to make you feel like you HAVE to pay attention to it (like any yucky news story you can think of) — you still get to pick. Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks have been master teachers of this principle and practice.

Just because there is something awful to notice doesn’t mean you have to focus on it. Here is what Abraham Hicks says:

There are things that are true that you don’t want to be true in your experience. So use a different criteria than “Is it true”. Ask yourself, “Is this something I want to experience?” If it is something you want to experience, then give it your undivided attention.

What would you rather focus on? Something awful? Or something better? What would you rather be thinking and feeling? Your thoughts influence your feelings– did you know that? Time to get a handle on those thoughts!

To help you shift your thoughts, why not listen to an amazing audio book, or two or three? For a limited time (ending Oct 15), Hay House is offering these books by Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House (whose bday is Oct 8– she would have been 92!) Louie transitioned to non-physical last year, but the love and teachings she shared on this earth still are as strong as ever.

My current favorite book, Life Loves You, by Louise Hay and Robert Holden is available for .92 cents (!) as an audio download right NOW! What a phenomenal opportunity!

Please– stop reading this fun email now and GO GET THAT BOOK! (I will wait……..)

…… Are you back? Did you order it? YAY!!!!!

Did you see what else is there? You can get so many of her books for just NINETY TWO CENTS EACH for audio download — what a great opportunity!

What if you stated talking nice to yourself, choosing thoughts like: I release all negative thoughts of the past and all worries about the future.

What would your life be like if you BELIEVED that? One of my most favorite parts of my job is helping clients shift and change their old limiting beliefs so they can embrace new ones like that. It happens in my office each day – that is part of why I love my work.


Anxiety treatment works

One more thing I wanted to share with you today– this TED talk.I love this one by Guy Winch! He’s engaging and teaches great stuff in a short talk. I was sharing it with a client today, and knew you might like it too. It’s about how we ALL need to learn emotional first aide– we all need it and it can be learned! We can take care of our emotions & our minds with the same diligence we take care of our bodies.

It’s good to care for your emotional well-being as much as your physical well being.  You are worth it. Consistent practice of caring well for yourself matters.


Ok– I am signing off. I hope this finds you well and safe.

I hope you know you can reach out for support and help if you need some– you can always call me at 407-252-8035. Reach out anytime.

(I love hearing from you too, when things are going well!)

Peace be with you. Namaste!

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