Therapy for Therapists- It can be so hard to admit when we need help.

Therapists are no different from anyone else. You also deserve a confidential place to sort things out. But are you wondering if there really is such a thing as therapy for therapists? How would you know if you need this type of help? Perhaps this sounds familiar:

Are you:

  • Distressed about your own life being less-than-stellar and worried clients or colleagues may find out?
  • Scared or embarrassed to seek counseling because you’re afraid how you’ll be perceived in the field if you do?
  • Striving for perfectionism and finding it’s an impossible goal?
  • Struggling with feeling anxious/overwhelmed/ineffective because you believe you should have your $hit together?
  • Losing sleep at night from anxiety or stress or having other health stressors?
  • Have you gotten so lost in your work that you forget  how to unplug and find joy?
  • Are you way-less happy than you want to be?

I’ve been there.

When I started a dual masters program at BU, studying public health and social work, my stress went through the roof! Things started unraveling in my personal life. Or rather, I finally admitted that things had been unraveling in my personal life.

I felt embarrassed to seek help, but I couldn’t hide my stress about my crumbling marriage any longer. Thankfully, my professors gave me kind encouragement to find help.

I started therapy. It was such a relief to talk to a therapist who understood me! Recognizing that therapy for therapists was a real thing, I opened up and got the support I needed. My therapist helped me find my voice and eventually re-connect to joy!

Brene Brown, famed Social Worker Professor at UT Houston and author of Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, and her latest, Dare to Lead, has been there too. She disclosed about her “breakdown aka Spiritual Awakening” in her famed TEDx talk and in her first big book  The Gifts of Imperfection,

She spoke of going to see a therapist who sees therapists, because she needed “someone who could call her on BS if needed”. Brene says her life was unraveling and how she now knows the universe gives us wake up calls.

She credits her year of therapy to helping her wake up to living a WHOLEHEARTED life, full of way more compassion, loads of better self-care practices and more self-love.

I’m not a hard-ass, call-you-on-the-carpet about your BS kind of therapist, but I will gently encourage you to put yourself 1st on your list!

I will encourage you to understand the messages your body is sending you. I will help you learn to listen to your heart way more. I will help you find a way to point your compass towards JOY.

Do you want more kindness for yourself?

More ease in your day?

More connection to a power greater than yourself?

More authentic joy in your life?

Then CALL ME at 407-252-8035  to talk– ask me anything you want. I can set up your first appointment soon if you like.  You don’t have to delay your joy any longer.

Put yourself back on your list, at the top. Put on your oxygen mask first- you are worth feeling good again. You matter.

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