How are you at giving and receiving love? This is our only real task on earth. ‪#‎givelove‬ ‪#‎receivelove‬ – ? 

give and receive love

Your job on earth

Being loving to yourself and to those around you is kinda hard if you are saying negative things to yourself about yourself.

One of my yoga teachers asked us “How do you talk to your partner? Your body is your life-long partner.” !  ? ! How many of us call ourselves “stupid” or “dumb” or say to ourselves, “God, I’m so ugly. I hate my _____!” Or we believe “I’m no good… I’m not good enough”. These types of negative thoughts will only cause us to feel worse. Talking to ourselves (which is your oldest partner, your body, your SELF) in these negative ways decreases our self worth. It makes us more stressed.

The stories that we tell ourselves about our life feel like the accumulated evidence for why we feel this way about ourselves. These narratives though are not the actual truth. 

If you find that you’re struggling with negative self talk because your stories about your life feel like evidence that supports those negative beliefs, then please consider signing up for my new ‪EFT Workshop, starting this week, on Wednesday August 24. 

EFT ‪Tapping can help you look at the past with fresh eyes. It can help you literally transform your old stories, accepting yourself with ‪compassion, helping you forgive yourself and others so that you can let go of the past, making peace with it finally. This is possible. It’s what I help my clients do every single day.

This popular EFT Tapping Workshop is one I offer usually once or twice a year. I have had rave reviews from participants in the workshop, including clients, friends, business owners & professionals, teachers, therapists, interns, students.  If you have any curiosity about Emotional Freedom Technique, if you saw some Olympic athletes using this process for performance enhancement, if you wonder why I am so passionate about teaching this to you, please call me, or click on those links. Please sign up here and join us this week.

I have some folks who are taking some morning and some evening classes for this 4-part series. You can too! I have one person who is coming to just three of them… and seeing me individually for the 4th. I am flexible and I can accommodate your needs, I hope, if you let me know what they are regarding this class. Call me up at 407-252-8035 if you want to discuss this opportunity- it might be the only time in 2016 that I am offering this workshop.

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