As many of you know, last week I was working with the Wounded Warrior Project up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It was a great week.  I am so glad I was there.  While I was up in NH, I hiked with the warriors and wives on the Project Odyssey retreat. I found so many treasures in the forests and fields up in the White Mountains.  While looking at my picutres today I also found some quotes from a Wayne Dyer lecture from probably 8 or 10 years ago:

Quotes from Wayne Dyer

Quotes from Wayne Dyer

To be an appreciator in your life, look for what is valuable.

Stay in rapport with Source Energy.

Wayne Dyer left this earth on Sunday (as did dear Dr. Oliver Sacks).  Wayne was a great spiritual teacher. Looking at my pictures from the trip last week, I see I was following Wayne’s guidance when I was up in the woods. I was also following the guidance of my father, mother and maternal grandfather.  They all taught me to have wonder and joy when connecting with nature. And boy did I have wonder and joy on the hikes last week.  (In fact, I think I drove some of the folks crazy with my needing to stop and photograph every tiny flower and bit of curious different moss or lichen that I spotted. (Stay tuned to my Feelpeacenow facebook page for more pix of those!)

Being an appreciator of nature fills me with joy, and is one of my primary ways to stay connected to Source Energy ( aka God).  I really become filled with happiness if I can take a walk out side and spot flowers and birds or other wildlife.

Do you have a hobby or activity that similarly brings you joy? That helps you feel connected to Source, Creativity, Divine Energy, Higher Power, God? Pay attention to those things that bring you into connection.  Find ways to cultivate habit energy that helps you experience happiness and joy. Maybe it’s exploring a new place, maybe it’s visiting with dear friends or loved ones. Maybe you have a daily gratitude practice, or maybe you will start one based on the advice of my dear colleague Lezlie Laws, as she stresses in her Foundational Practices. What I know to be true is that when we connect in gratitude to something bigger than ourselves, we are happier.

Here’s to more happiness in the world.  Namaste!

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