How are you? I’ve missed talking with you the last few weeks.  Last week I was away on another Project Odyssey retreat with the Wounded Warriors Project. (It was good and I learned some cool stuff I will share in another post soon.)

Probably like you, this week has had it’s mix–even though there’s been some good stuff, I have had moments of anxiety. It happens, because I’m human, I have a pulse and I’m conscious.  You too? Here’s what I can recommend:

Go outside.  Walk.  Look at the trees, listen to the birds, feel the wind, warm (or cool) breezes on your skin. Breathe deeply.  As one of my favorite life-noticers Maria Popova said in an interview, Build moments of stillness in your day.amazing birds

That’s exactly what I did when I got back this week– and I have to say it has helped me immensely.  I’ve had stress, like I said, but it’s felt manageable.  Anxiety is going to come and go, if we are alive and conscious. But it’s WAY MORE BEARABLE (ha!) if I have my morning quiet time (including prayer, readings from Living Faith,  A Course in Miracles & Meditations from the Mat and journaling), my lake walks, my yoga practice, good food choices and good sleep.

So far this week I have been doing all that. Ok, most of that (one day I woke up WAY too early and a few times ate crappy snacks).  But I was mostly on track and last night I was able to enjoy family and friends at my very first art show (!!!!!).  (OMG I will tell you about that in another post as well! Picture below, and art now on view at Infusion Tea in College Park)

For right now though, whenever you read this, take some time to breathe.  Get quiet for just a moment, settle yourself and breathe deeply.  You are here. You are fine. You are safe.  As you keep consciously breathing,  you will feel calmer and be more in control of yourself, your thoughts and your actions.  It will help you quell any anxiety.  If you are still stressed, try some tapping (as you know, I am a big fan of EFT Tapping!).  I taught tapping to the warriors last week and they really appreciated it (more on that next time).

I pray your week contains moments of peace and joy and that you notice what helps you feel happy.

Peace be with you. Namaste! art show nov 2015

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