it matters what you focus on

Did you know it matters a TON what you focus on?

It does!!!

What you focus on will GROW.

If you focus on what it driving you NUTS, you will feel MORE ornery, more irritated, more frustrated.

You will notice MORE stuff that is annoying, stuff that you WISH was different and stuff that is displeasing. (Sounds fun, eh?) No me gusta.

Talk about a buzz kill.

I would guess you might get tired of feeling irritated and frustrated and ornery. Especially if you are like this a lot of the time. People around you will get tired of you too.

Focusing on what you DON’T like causes you to complain.

Again– a buzz killer, a joy killer.

So what ‘cha gonna do?

What if you focused, instead, on things you LIKE, LOVE and APPRECIATE?

You might say to me: “But Heidi, there is so much going on that I HATE! There is so much happening in the world that is WRONG and I don’t like it! Am I just supposed to ignore it?”

My reply: “Yes.”

(Well, actually my reply is longer– stick with me.)

 You don’t have to focus on what is wrong in the world for things to get better.

—> FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT (not what you don’t want).

This takes practice.  Practice that is SOOOO WORTHWHILE.  I am talking about a going-to-the-gym-regularly practice and you get way tighter __x__ (abs, arms, buns, whatev…)!

Doing something regularly, having a practice, yields good results– like strong muscles from working out, or clean teeth from daily brushing, or calmer brain from daily meditation……. (oops! I said the “M” worddon’t be scared! — go get my freebie, “5 Surprising Ways to Meditate that Don’t Involve Sitting on Your Butt and Chanting Om”


Practice focusing on what you LIKE simply because it makes you feel BETTER!

Care about feeling good. Do this first thing in the morning. — Abraham-Hicks

I choose my feelings

Remember you get to choose. You get to focus on what you want. If you want peace, be more peaceful in your life. If you want people to act with kindness, then be kind. Don’t make exceptions for who you are kind to — be kind to everyone. (I didn’t say this would be easy. It will just make you happier!)

If you feel ornery and uncertain, practice thinking about those you do love and care about. Get into the vibration of appreciation and gratitude. Practice thinking loving & kind thoughts about them— that can help you carry over this new thought habit  energy to others.


Be easy with yourself. Life is supposed to feel good, as Abraham says.

When you do get distracted about upsetting news, look at it as your prayer list, as Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles, often says.  When you notice that the news makes you launch sometimes unspoken prayers of wishing things were better on this earth, bring your thoughts TO that prayer/wish/desire, then choose to concentrate on what is working.

Things are always working out, somehow, someway.  There will always be good happening. You can even be a part of making things better if you feel guided to participate in a larger way. Your actions, your thoughts, contribute to the wealth of good energy on this planet.

Remember, “You were born with Well-Being flowing to you and through Abraham-Hicks teaches.

Be the change you wish to see. Be peace. Be love. Be kind. Embody joy.

Until next time, peace be with you! Namaste.


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