Become aware of your thoughts - they impact how you feel.

Become aware of your thoughts – they impact how you feel.

Notice what you are feeling.  Really feel it for a moment.  Did I catch you are a good time? Or a bad time? Are you hungry? Tired? Excited? Frustrated?

Did you know that what you are feeling is directly influenced by your THOUGHTS? Yup– it’s the truth.

Slow yourself down and consider what you are thinking about.  It’s sometimes harder to narrow that down (vs. noticing or naming our feelings).  But give it a go. Notice what you are thinking.

Your thoughts determine the world you see. I read that this week in A Course In Miracles.  And it’s so true. Yesterday, I was at the dentist, and I had to get my old tooth re-capped. The dentist said, “Nope, the new cap isn’t the right color- you will have to come back in a few weeks to get it re-done.”

A few weeks??? ARGH!! I was NOT happy. I have had a temporary cap on my tooth for two weeks already. This meant not eating any apples, carrots, celery- nothing raw that was tough or hard to bite into.  For me this has felt like a major imposition. Now having to wait a few weeks more, I was REALLY not happy.  What am I going to do? How will I eat???

Then I realized– it was my thoughts– my thinking those thoughts was causing my unhappiness. It was causing my irritation and frustration.  And  once I realized that I sort of chuckled. And breathed.  I started to feel better– because I started thinking, “really, it’s just a little more time and I can eat raw foods like I like again” and “your body will be fine, it’s not that big of a deal”… and “eating softer foods is not hurting your health or physique, so chill out.”  Then I smiled.  I was calm.

Maybe my little story resonates with you, maybe it doesn’t.  But there it is- how my mind works.  I am very food-focused (I am sure I have mentioned that in previous posts!). I am also aware that what I think impacts how I feel- so I am getting better at monitoring my thoughts and seeing if I can change them– and you know what? I can! Through mindfulness.

It’s purposeful, intentional awareness, to change our thoughts.  I know that I am better with my mindfulness skills when I am reading and listening to good input (like Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love Workshop, A Course in Miracles, Meditations from the Mat among others). I have a few friends that are listening to and reading these same books, so we talk about them and that helps too. What are you reading or listening to that influeces you in a positive way? Who are you sharing things with to give and get support?  Please share below in the comments section. These choices matter.

Choose wisely!! Breathe.  Pray.  And go outside and thank God for the beauty around you. 🙂  That will definitely help you feel better.

And if you want help with learning how to apply mindfulness in your life, give me a call! I teach this all the time to my clients and in workshop settings.   I am happy to teach you!


Breathe my dear

Breathe my dear

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