When I looked at my schedule for the next 4 weeks, my eyes got BIG! I am only here every-other week!
Are you already on my schedule for your summer tune-up?

I hope we can meet soon. Here’s when I am available (and when I am not!):hitting the road

I am here this week, June 11-14 (note: I am NOT in the office on Fridays anymore) I have a FEW spots left for this week, so call me SOON if you want to get in. You know I believe God is in charge of my appointment book, so if you believe in Universal Goodness, you can probably get a spot. 😉


Book an appointment via TEXT 407-252-8035

I am traveling the week of June 18, to work with Wounded Warriors Project on their Project Odyssey Retreat. I have been doing this up to a few times per year, since 2012. I love helping on these retreats and being with these amazing men and women who have sacrificed a LOT for our country. I have loved working with veterans since my work at the Boston VA years ago.

You can read about more of my previous adventures with WWP snorkeling with manatees and swimming with dolphins here and here. Find out how I was able to help a veteran stop a panic attack in just a few minutes using EFT -Tapping and why nature and recreation are such great ways to heal the spirit!

I‘m back in the office for the week of June 25-28. Spots are filling now, so call or text me to snag one.

I will be on vacation June 29- July 8–> yay!! Even though I am out-of-the office the week of June 18, that’s not my vacation (although we do fun things on Project Odyssey! Playing outside is a unique way to heal the brain and heart from PTSD.)

I’m back from vacation on July 9. Text me SOON or call to let me know what appointments you would like that week too.

If this finds YOU on vacation, have FUN!! Go outside a LOT! Playing is good for all of us– do lots of that this summer. 🙂

Peace and namaste!





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