an Online Retreat to help you recalibrate your inner compass back to peace, love, and joy

It’s been a helluva year.

You can feel it. You’re worn down.

Anger, fear and even grief took up space in your heart.

You’re exhausted from caring for others.

You wonder, is it indulgent to out yourself first?

Or is this the choice that will save you?

Isn’t this what they tell you during a crisis–>PUT YOUR OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST.

This is the choice that connects you back to your Well-being. 


You don’t have to be last on your list anymore. 


By going on this retreat,  your life can be going in a whole new direction. 

This is for YOU, who work day and night making the world a better place, yet also feel in need of restoration yourself.  How could you not after this past year?

You give so much that you get depleted.  You get worn out from sharing your healing and creative energy, and you also need to have your cup filled back up.


Folx who’ve attended praise the experience.

“Talk about diving deep! I was motivated and inspired after attending Heidi’s retreat. She brought joy to places in my life that I had not experienced in a very long time. I gained a lot from her workshops and truly learned to feel peace NOW!”  Chris, Entrepreneur, Florida

This retreat is exclusively designed for a small intimate group, where vulnerability is respected and honored as the highest offering. 

you were born with wellbeing

“When I was on the retreat I overheard some guy said, “I feared I wouldn’t fit in, I never did anything like this before” – I had to chime in! I was 65 years old & I never did anything like it before either! And it was, the best thing I ever did for myself! I felt so included even though all our backgrounds were so different…Anyone who thinks, or fears, that they won’t fit in, that they don’t belong, they do! We all do! I felt100x lighter emotionally, mentally. I can’t thank Heidi enough for opening my eyes, and my mind.” – Melinda, Hospice Worker, Florida



You’ll discover:

  • How to revive your spirit, reflect and turn inward to connect with Source Energy – so you get recharged!
  • How to start your days with peace and ease, beginning and deepening a morning practice that will sustain you throughout your day
  • How to feel sustained during the day, as you point your compass back to peace, back to love, back to JOY


Tell me more….

  • Guided meditation
  • Engaged discussions
  • Curated playlist of music, podcasts, books– all designed to raise your vibration to joy

On this retreat your spirit will be NURTURED 

When is the last time you took extensive time to nurture yourself?

During this 6 week self-care/escape-from-the-world retreat you get to:

  • Transform Compassion Fatigue
  • Refresh Your Body
  • Restore Your Energy
  • Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Via teachings from

  • A Course in Miracles (ACIM)
  • Law of Attraction from Abraham Hicks
  • Thich Nhat Hanh
  • EFT Tapping  (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Combining these teachings helps you find a unique way to stay aware of how your thoughts and feelings and actions can help you live a life of more peace, love and joy.

On this retreat you experience the ability to achieve a higher vibration and the feeling of alignment with your own Source Energy.

Self-care is not a luxury item.

“The Joy Is My Compass retreat was a life changing experience. I learned to put my emotional and spiritual health first in the morning. Waiting at least an hour before letting the outside world in has helped so much with my mindset the rest of the day.” – Lynne, CPA, Washington DC

Optional VIP experience: Private EFT Tapping time with Heidi, where we can talk more in depth and help you find even MORE peace during this retreat. Peace that you can bring home with you!

Emotional Freedom Technique is an excellent method to help us make peace with our past, resolve anxiety quickly and increase our awareness of the true abundance of Well-Being that is in each of us.

THERE’S SO MUCH GOOD STUFF ON THIS RETREAT! BOOK NOW $997 pay in full or $1200  with payment plan

  • 6 powerful personal-growth workshop lessons each Monday designed to increase your peace and help you point your own compass toward what brings you joy
  • 6 Friday “Roundups”- rounding out the week, deeply connecting with the group, getting support from Heidi and the community
  • Guided meditation in each session to restore your body and your soul
  • EFT Tapping to calm your nervous system and help identify & release old limiting beliefs 
  • Daily journal  / meditation prompts
  • Weekly poems and art in each personal handout
  • Connection to your True Self

I really craved some space and some time to go within, and because I love your work I knew the program would be amazing. And it was. The timing of the self-compassion piece was perfect for me. I’m holding myself more lovingly now, making more time to (re)tune. Being kinder towards myself. Six weeks is perfect to go deep enough, and to really allow the connections to grow. I loved the Friday Round-ups too, they really fueled the connection.” – Yvon, Wellness Coach, The Netherlands

Please email or call 407-252-8035 to book your spot.

Call with any questions.

You know you want to feel better when you wake up each day. This retreat is for YOU.

You know you want to feel recharged after this hard year.  This retreat is for YOU!

You’ve been tired and fatigued and want to be rejuvenated. This retreat is for YOU!

You’re smart and conscious and you have an open mind. You’ve been wanting to expand your spiritual practice, to feel connected to your Higher Self. This retreat is for YOU!

You’re more than ready– > Sign up TODAY as spots are limited!

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