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What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

Spiritual Yoga Retreat

Take time to care for yourself

Your Only Function Here is Happiness

“SPIRIT JUNKIE” Yoga Cell Health Retreat

Using A Course in Miracles, Yoga Sutras, and Law of Attraction to Help You Point Your Compass toward Peace, Love and Joy

at Gracious Living Oasis in Northern Nicaragua April 4-11, 2018
with guest teacher and therapist Heidi Behr, LCSW

Guess what? YOU HAVE A COMPASS! You can use it to chart a course toward Peace, Love and Joy! You can learn to do this NOW. Each day.


A spiritual yoga retreat:

Heidi Behr will share teachings from Gabby Bernstein, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), as well as the Yoga Sutras, and Law of Attraction (the teachings of Abraham-Hicks) that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you achieve a higher vibration and the feeling of alignment with own Source Energy.


ACIM has been described as a psychological mind training that helps you move your thoughts from fear to love. Each day we will learn how to use the teachings from The Course to help us make peace with our past, learn to live with more ease and joy in the present moment and become excited and eager for a wonderful future.

The Yoga Sutras are teachings about yoga- a way to live your life that connects you to the present moment and helps you connect to the Divine within each of us.

The Law of Attraction (LoA) shows us that where our attention goes, energy flows. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks helps us use the Law of Attraction to our benefit, to help us understand we each have an internal guidance system (our emotions) and that we can have the life we want by getting into alignment with the Source within us.

Combining these teachings helps us find a unique way to stay aware of how our thoughts and feelings and actions can help us live lives of more peace, love and joy.

Included in this retreat: Instruction on Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping). Heidi Behr has been using EFT-Tapping in her practice for over 10 years and finds it is an excellent method to help us make peace with our past, resolve anxiety quickly and increase our awareness of the true abundance of Well-Being that is in each of us.

In this one week in Northern Nicaragua, you will get:

  • A spiritual yoga retreat
  • A super relaxing week in a tropical paradise setting
  • Time to reflect and turn inward, to connect with the Source within you
  • Enlightening, light-hearted, interactive teachings on how to apply the spiritual principles taught in ACIM, Yoga Sutra and LoA to your life
  • Private 30 min EFT Tapping session with Heidi
  • Daily yoga practice with Grace, suitable for beginners or experienced yogis
  • Daily meditation for a calming mind
  • Time to play outside (Swim, Sun, Explore!)
  • Rest and rejuvenation of body and mind & your spirit restored to its True Essence
  • An increased sense of gratitude for a positive life
  • The opportunity to make new friends with likeminded people
  • Ideas how to change your way of eating, to live healthier, to give your body the best nutrition
  • A new you


  • 7 Nights shared accommodation at the beautiful Gracious Living Oasis lodge in nature.
  • Three meals daily created by Grace Van Berkum of Gracious Living Lifestyle focused on cell health, brain health, heart health, skin health, liver health, and colon health. The meals are designed to taste amazing while healing the body. This will be a plant based menu that is half cooked food, half raw food / livefood, and includes a daily smoothie, and detox tea.
  • 6 days of powerful personal-growth workshops designed to restore your MIND and help you identify your own purpose and develop a plan to act on it.
  • 2 Daily yoga and meditation sessions to restore your body and your soul.
  • 30 min personal session with Heidi (EFT Emotional Freedom Techinque Tapping for interpersonal growth & healing).
  • Time each day to play, swim, sun, and rest.
  • Time to explore & learn (if you wish- see GLO site for cost of add-on’s such as SUP Yoga, Volcano Hike, Afternoon excursion to Leon, massage, 1:1 instruction on cellular health eating with Grace….)

PLEASE EMAIL  or call 407-252-8035 to book your spot. Call with any questions.

If you are drawn to A Course in Miracles, you will LOVE this retreat! If you love yoga, you will LOVE this retreat! If you love Law of Attraction, you will LOVE this retreat! If you love nature, being in a tropical beach setting, eating clean, healthy, delicious, lovingly prepared meals, you will LOVE this retreat!

Only 6 spots available. Cost $1750, includes all accommodations, transport once you arrive in Nicaragua, all meals at GLO, daily yoga. mediation and teachings by Heidi as described above plus one 30 min EFT session. 

Not included: airfare, additional activities (noted as add-on’s above). Extra EFT sessions available to book with Heidi on site.  $500 US deposit non-refundable. 


SIGN UP BEFORE JAN 1 and save $200









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