hello my name is yogaI was not a cheerleader in high school. But I am a cheerleader now.  Not in the sense of waving pom-poms and chanting rhymes at a sports event.  Instead, I am cheerleader for my clients and friends, believing in their ability to do well & cheering them on as they move their way towards their goals.  This week, I am cheering on my friend’s new program, Yoga Dog – a new children’s video program, to help inspire imagination, emotion and mobility.

As a longtime yoga practitioner, I am excited to help support Yoga Dog to come to life.  I know first hand how much yoga has helped me calm my sometimes anxious/distracted brain, and how the purposeful movement has helped my body, mind and spirit become centered and focused.

I’ve seen and felt the benefits of yoga for me and many friends, and for my friends’ kids. I know yoga can benefit us, young and old, alike.  While I am a fan of many kinds of movement & play for kids (and adults), what I know is yoga is purposeful. Kids yoga is very playful and light-hearted, while having important differences from free play (especially for kids who have ADD, ADHD & Autism):

  1. Activates calming hormones, such as serotonin
  2. Focus on breath and movement to give children self-regulation tools
  3. Uses bilateral movements to balance brain hemispheres & affect mood
  4. Helps to organize & relax the nervous system
  5. Builds self-confidence & self-affirmation(from Shakta Khalsa’s website Radiant Child Yoga)

Yoga helps kids and adults focus their attention and control their emotions. The breathing techniques learned in yoga helps calm anxious thought patterns.  I use these breathing techniques DAILY to calm myself as I work with clients, and as I react to the world around me.

I’m excited to have more kids and families learn about yoga in such a playful fun way with Yoga Dog. Please click through and watch this delightful introduction, featuring my friend Jennifer Foster, the founder of Kids Wellness Alliance, as she tells you how you can help make a difference in the world by bringing Yoga Dog to life.  Join me in cheering them on and being a #YogaDogBeliever!

Be a YogaDog Believer!

Be a YogaDog Believer!



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